Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “You are what you eat.” ― someone in the seventies

John walked to the market today with Juliana because he couldn't get her to pronounce "Worcestershire sauce" and they had a grand time.  Of course, being able to pronounce it, didn't mean they could find it, and they couldn't.  Ah well, TIA (This Is Africa).  There are many, many things we cannot find or buy here.  Still, the fish that John and Karen ate (I am allergic to all seafood) was fantastic by their own accounts.  All the fish here is fresh and what Juliana cooked for them was just caught yesterday.  I had to get by with some steak and a baked potato.  By the way, all the beef here is free range with no chemicals or hormones added and is as fresh as the fish.  You just have to buy it first thing in the morning.  As it is not refrigerated, it gets cheaper as the day goes on.  Afternoon meat isn't even good for dog food, but people buy it anyway.  We probably eat better here--healthier, fresher, organic, leaner, etc.--than we ever did in America.  The choices are limited, but I don't think we suffer much as a result.  I'm not sure having no access to Twinkies or Krispy Kreme is such a bad thing.  No offense.

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