Monday, February 25, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “I am often wrong and commit sins, yet still I am forgiven.” ― Me

My first post in quite a few days.  Thank you so very much to all who have checked daily to see what was happening and for keeping me in your prayers.  Turns out the surgery was on Monday morning and required me to stay until Sunday afternoon.  All I can say about the experience is that it was successful and that it will never be a ride at Disneyworld.  I am at home recovering for the next two weeks and then should be right as rain.  I was very wrong about the costs.  My last surgery there, four years ago, cost me about $500.  I expected this one to be the same, but they had raised the rates significantly so this one cost almost $2000.  According to Google, the same operation in the states for one uninsured (like me) would cost over $10,000, so at least it was still much cheaper.  The doctor was skillful, using a modern tool that belonged to him and not the hospital because it couldn't afford one.  The nurses were absolute angels.  One in particular made me feel like I was safe in my mother's arms.  My friend, Shaban, refused to leave my side and was with me every night.  It is so good to be back home with my family.  While I was away, one of our dogs had nine puppies, but so far, eight have died.  One of our other guard dogs also passed away but she was old and had cancer.  Still, she will be sorely missed.  She loved us so very much and served us for six years.  Dogs are frequently better Christians than their human counterparts.  You can lock them out in the cold and wet for three days, but when you let them back in, they are happy and can't wait to lick you and wag that tail.  Try that with a human and see how it goes.

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