Monday, January 7, 2013

Quote of the Day:   “A tub by any other name. . .” -- Me

Little by little, Karen's new bathtub is taking shape.  We want it to be much bigger so she can soak in hot water which helps her with her muscular and joint pain (I may use it, too).  We're putting in hand rails to make it easier to get in and out and non-slip surfaces on the bottom of the tub and just outside.  We only have a 12 gallon water heater, so we will probably have to get another one, but well worth it.  We priced a new tub like we wanted at 1.8 million Tsh without installation fees which would bring it to about 2.5 million Tsh or around $ 2,000 US.  Robert, our concrete and tile artist is doing one for us, all hand-made, and including the new water heater for about 500,000 Tsh or $ 300 US.  The trick is finding the people who know what they are doing.  Robert's last commission was to build a sunken tub for the Regional Commissioner of Mara Region (our region), and that tub is becoming famous.  Thanks once again to Shaban who knew of Robert and talked him into working for us.  The second day's work is visible in the picture to the right.  Once it's done, I'll post more pictures (none of them with anyone using it, of course), but if you come visit, we'll let you use it for a small fee.  I still can't get over the artistry of some of the craftsmen here who work with no plans and no fancy tools.

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