Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Quote of the Day:   “There is no sound so sweet as children's laughter.” -- Mama Africa

It's been very quiet around here without the fifty orphans and students we are used to every day, but not for long.  Santa Caryn Academy starts tomorrow with 35 preschool orphans showing up for their cups of hot ujii (porridge) that for many is the only food they will have that day.  They will be excited to be back and the quiet will be gone.  On Monday, Karen's English class of fifteen will start back up and they come just after noon and the first thing they do is eat a meal of rice and beans.  Again, for most of them, it will be their only meal, so we are glad to be able to provide it.  The Santa Caryn kids will be repeats from the fall, but Karen's class will be all new kids and she will try to hold it to ten students, but it always ends up to be fifteen.  Karen is also beginning the work of designing the uniforms for the kids of St. Penny's out in Karikakari--all thirty-five of them.
The tub is making good progress as you can see from the picture at the right.  One more day of work and then we wait for the concrete to cure.  She should be able to take her first bath on Sunday or Monday.  The fundi (craftsman) has been great and is only charging us $ 20 a day for his labor.  I couldn't get a plumber to come to the house for that, much less work for all day.  I think they get about $ 150 an hour, so you do the math and see what a great deal we got.  I still believe God sends thank-you notes, and I think this tub is one of them.
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