Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quote of the Day:   “There is no constant in Africa except change.” -- Dr. Dana Robert

Got a package today, and, while that means it's usually like Christmas around here, it really was today because there was a Christmas present in it.  Some time back, John decided to ask a friend of his in another country who makes soaps to put together a basket of stuff for the bath.  He ordered it and had it shipped to NYC where my daughter-in-law got it and sent it to us with some other stuff on Christmas eve.  We got it today, about three weeks later, and there was the Christmas soap basket for Karen.  When John ordered it, he had no knowledge of my decision to build a new bathtub for Karen, so the timing was just perfect.  The tub will be finished today (takes four days to cure) and Karen will have her first bath next Monday with her fancy soaps and lotions.  Also in the package were some shirts and pants for me in my new smaller size which fit perfectly.  Brenda, my New York daughter-in-law (I also have a daughter-in-law in Arkansas who is just as sweet), always puts in some sugar-free diabetic candy for me which really hits the spot.  When we first moved here, eight years ago, it took three months for a package to get to us, and you would never know how much would be stolen or missing.  It was also always fun to argue with the Revenue people over how much we had to pay to get it out of customs.  One time, a friend sent us some crayons and coloring books, and we had to pay $ 75 to get them out of customs, about three times the value not counting the shipping cost.  Happily, there have been some serious changes in the process and what used to take three months now takes three weeks, and the package isn't opened until the recipient is there to review it with the customs agent.  Now, we have never had to pay more than $ 20 for any package.  Some changes are heaven sent.
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