Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Quote of the Day:   “No one walks without stumbling, but some never get up when they fall.” -- Anthony Trollope

Amos, our security guard had to leave today to take care of his wife and two of his children, all down with malaria.  He has already lost two children, one to malaria and one when the rains caused a wall of his house to collapse on his young daughter.  He still smiles all the time.  He helped build the house we're living in and the first building on this site--the assembly hall, so he has been with us for eight years.  I wasn't sure about hiring him in the first place because I didn't think he would be loyal or stay with us.  Just one of my many mistakes I have made since coming here.  If a missionary isn't almost always making mistakes, he or she just isn't doing anything at all.  When we first arrived, an Anglican missionary came to visit us and told us it would be three years before we really started doing things because it took that long to get to know the people and the culture.  We laughed when she left because we were Americans and we were going to do stuff immediately.  Of course, she turned out to be right and she has been here over twenty-five years.  During our training as missionaries (three whole days) we were told if we couldn't laugh at our own mistakes and learn from them, we should quit.  We laughed at them, too, but they were right as rain.  Our new year's resolutions have more to do with learning from mistakes than with making them.  God has infinite patience and it's a good thing.  We serve every day, sometimes learning as we do.  God bless all who stumble while walking toward the prize.

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