Monday, January 14, 2013

Quote of the Day:  Elihu ni uhuru.  Education is freedom.  --  Karen Wiggins

When we first began to build the first building in our compound in 2005, there was a small woman whose job was to bring water to mix with the cement.  She was there every day, smiling, and carrying large quantities of water on her head.  I noticed her first because of her smile, small size, and the large amounts of water that she carried.  Later, when the building was complete, she was still there throwing water on the curing concrete.  One day she came up to me and asked if I wanted the whole two acres of former potato field leveled.  The old furrows caused problems and covered all of the mission property, so I asked her how much she would charge.  Just $ 10 she said, so I agreed.  She did all the work herself, hard work, and in two days had leveled and smoothed the entire two acres.  I paid her $ 20 and offered her a full time job taking care of the grounds and the buildings.  She, Edina, is still with us and if you have ever seen our grounds, you know what a fantastic job she has done.  Over the past eight years, her husband has died, one of her children has died, her two sons have grown and moved to Dar Es Salaam and never see her any more.  The one daughter, Paulina, who stayed has just finished the equivalent of a community college degree in nursing that we paid for and now wants to continue her schooling to get a university degree in nursing which will give her good jobs and good pay.  The cost for this is $ 600 a year for the next three years.  We really don't have the money to pay for this as we are already paying for eleven other children's school fees, but John offered to help and we said yes--we would pay.  There were tears in the daughter's eyes and in her mother's--and in ours.  How could we refuse this beautiful woman who has labored so long to care for us?   What she wanted was the education for her daughter that would give her daughter a future and insure her own old age--for $ 600 a year.  We will find a way to help as we always do.  God provides.
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