Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “Elihu Ni Uhuru--Education Is Freedom.” ― Karen Wiggins (Mama Africa) 

Collins, the head teacher at St. Wiggins Academy, came by today to get the money to pay for the food for the 200 orphans there for the month of February.  The money buys two hot cups of ujii (porridge) a day for each child, including week-ends.  For many of them, it is the only food they get during the day.  It is a good thing to do but a sad one as well.  I wish I could do more, but we are already stretched pretty thin.  We also had ten student teachers come by today.  These are the scholarship students at Bunda Teachers College.  They are poor, Christian, and desperately want to become teachers, so churches in Arkansas have been helping them for years.  Every two years, at least five more are graduated.  Four of these will graduate in May and the other six have another year to go.  They are always so polite and so grateful.  I asked one girl what she was going to give me since I was giving her tuition money.  She didn't even pause.  "Prayers," is what she said.  Amen.

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