Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quote of the Day:   If God speaks, listen.  -- Me

Sometimes, God speaks through thunder.  Sometimes, God speaks in a whisper.  I don't always hear the thunder because I am afraid and sometimes I am speaking too loudly to hear the whisper, but today God made me listen.  Today, He spoke not through the fire and the whirlwind but through some Tanzanian children.  Today, I listened to the beautiful sound of children singing with their hearts.  I know not how melodious it may have sounded to a music critic.  I do know how it sounded to me, and it sounded to me as if God was speaking through them directly to me.  They sang in a language with which I am neither fluent or comfortable but one I understand well enough to have their message resonate within my heart.  They sang of how happy they were to be in the family of God.  They sang of how Jesus had touched them and how they were now full of joy.  I knew exactly what they meant.  I had felt that, too.  They reminded me that they were forgiven, as was I, and that we had all been called to share His love.  I got the message.  Thank you, God.

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