Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quote of the Day:   “Giving a child an education is giving them hope.” -- Shaban Omari

Shaban, John, and I drove to Musoma this morning to do some errands.  We found the Social Security office closed.  We found no one who could take our payment for our internet provider.  Some days are like that.  We did find that the bank had reactivated my ATM card so I could get an accurate balance.  Was able to cash a check only to find when I got home that I had guessed too low on our needs by about a million shillings ($ 750), so will have to go back next week.  Spent quite a while shopping for wazungu food at the new supermarket which has a very good selection of canned and frozen foods.  Bought some frozen broccoli and Brussel sprouts and a couple of boxes of sugar free cookies.  Later, drove across the street to a little store that carries a new form of artificial sweetener.  The most exciting thing we found was at the Coptic Hospital.  The hospital has one of only a few really good scales in the whole area, so I was able to weigh myself.  I am now at 265 lbs. which is down 120 lbs. from a year ago when I weighed 385 lbs.  The doctor was very pleased--as was I.  My goal is 240 lbs. or around 110 kilos.  I am flying coach to Boston in April and I want to be able so sit in that 17" wide seat without spilling over onto my seat mates.  At this rate, I am now at 122 kilos, I only have twelve kilos (about 25 lbs.) to go, so should make it by April.  We decided to pay for Shaban's son's school fees so Hemedi can go to the Catholic school with Charlini  as they are about the same age.  I think it is so cool that we are paying for an orphan and a young Muslim boy to both attend a Christian school.  You never know.

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