Friday, January 4, 2013

Quote of the Day:   “Give my wife a new bathtub, and we are all happy.” -- Karen's husband

After years of putting up with a bathtub that was never installed correctly, we tore the whole thing out and are building a new, bigger one with waterproof concrete.  We found a man in Musoma who has built bathtubs before (only a few have, there being virtually no bathtubs in our area of Tanzania, with ours there are two in Bunda).  He is going to create one that is wider and with easier entrance and exit.  We will also put in non-slip surface on the bottom and on the floor just outside.  It is a simple safety thing that no one here ever considered.  Karen will be much happier as will I.  There was a lot of noise getting the old one out and we discovered rotten wood supports and mold everywhere, but the new one will have none of that.  An even bigger surprise for the day was our neighbor making us a gift of about eight ears of corn from her shamba.  This is what she grows to support her family so to receive some as a gift is a high honor.  Even better, she picks it early while it is still sweet and tender.  It was the best corn on the cob we have had since we've been here.  We shared it with the staff who loved it.  We may change some harvesting habits here--at least when it comes to corn.
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