Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quote of the Day:   “Education can change our world.” ― a scholarship student

It's great to hear the little kids laughing on the way to school.  It's great to hear them shouting out their lessons and to see them all stand when I come into the room and say in unison in English, "Good morning, sir!"   Then, after spending a few moments with the little ones, I go out to talk to the ten students for whom we are providing scholarships at Bunda Teachers College.  Thanks to a number of Methodist church members in Arkansas, we have been supplying scholarships to produce Christian teachers here for almost six years.  Each graduate goes on to serve hundreds if not thousands of Tanzanian children.  When you consider that it only costs about $300 a year per student (for two years), it is amazing what those generous folks back in Arkansas have done for education here in Tanzania.  There is nothing more precious to these kind and gentle people than to get an education, and almost thirty, new, Christian teachers have been graduated thanks to donors they have never met.  They are so very grateful since none of them could have paid the fees for college.  The teachers thank you and their students would thank you if they knew of your generosity.  What wonderful gifts you give.

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