Monday, January 28, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “It's always something.” ― Gilda Radner 

We had a minor mutiny to deal with today.  In this culture, there are what are called "bush lawyers" which is to say someone who tells you that you can get more money or work less for your employers.  One of our security guards in the past listened to one of these "bush lawyers" and that security guard is no longer with us, and he did not get the pile of money he was told he could get.  At present, we pay our security guards about three times the national average plus we pay all of their social security and give them extra money for funerals, school fees, etc.  In addition, we pay an extra amount for having to work on Sunday.  The two guards decided that they both should have the same day off and neither should work Sundays.  John told them they could have the day off but that the extra Sunday money would no longer be paid.  In addition, he reminded them that our friends, the Archer's, used a guard company to provide security and that it was cheaper than what we are now paying.  If pressed, we would just let the two of them go and use the local security company.  Suddenly, everything changed.  They lost their arrogance and became smiling, grateful people again.  They decided that the way things were happened to be just fine, and they would be very happy to go on as they had been.  They also decided that listening to "bush lawyers" was not a good thing.  Score:  us--one, bush lawyers--nil.

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