Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quote of the Day:   “Who in the world are you?” ― Reverend Doom of Arkansas 

Over twenty-five years ago, when I was just starting to serve as a pastor to two, small churches, I attended my first District Minister's Meeting.  I was nervous, to be sure, because I knew that I had more in common with the prodigal son than the disciples and wasn't sure how or if I would be welcomed by my colleagues.  Sure enough, I had just gotten out of my car . . . I must digress here, when I became a pastor I began wearing clerical collars, all the time.  My thinking was that if I had been a Boston Red Sox player all my life but was now playing for the New York Yankees, I would need a constant reminder of my new loyalties, and while not impossible to buy liquor or go to strip clubs in a clerical collar--it did slow you down a lot.  Now, back to my story:  I had just gotten out of my car (in my clerical collar) when a small man approached me.  He was wearing a suit and tie and seemed to be at least twenty to thirty years older than I was.  Interestingly, I now know his name was Reverend Doom.  Really.  Anyway, he walked up to me, stared for a bit, looked me up and down, and then challenged me in a deep voice by saying, "Who   in   the   world   are   YOU?"   I was taken aback and muttered something about not really knowing and walking quickly away.  It's too bad, I don't get asked that question anymore because now I know.  I am a child of God.  I am a servant of the Lord.  I serve the Lord with gladness.  I am His.  My question to you is not, "Who in the world are you?" but rather "Whose in the world are you?"  Are you His or are you a child of this world?  It may sound paradoxical, but please choose to be chosen.  Ask to be His and He will welcome you.  And love you.  And bless you.  And never leave you.
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