Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Quote of the Day:   We are family, even when we are far apart.    Me

It is pouring down rain here which has dampened the church-going spirits of many people but has not stopped them.  Right now, the noise of the rain is competing with the sizzling of the turkey roasting in the oven.  We cannot set the temperature on our propane oven, but we have a meat thermometer which should let us know when the bird is ready to eat.  No "butterball" turkeys here with pop-out timers.  I am very sleepy having gotten up very early to visit with our grandchildren in the U.S. (six am our time is nine pm their time).  It was great.  We visited via computers and phones for over an hour and all free.  We got to see the girls open their presents and discovered that one gift didn't make it, but we corrected that and it will be there in a few days.  What a delight to be able to share Christmas with our kith and kin.  We are truly blessed--and we have a turkey roasting (did I mention that?).  God bless us, every one. 

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