Monday, December 10, 2012

Quote of the Day:  “In Tanzania you have to run twice as fast as you can to stay in the same place.”  ― with apologies to Lewis Carroll 

Today was a lot of fun.  All I had to do was prepare some paperwork for the Immigration Ministry.  I needed six photographs of myself, three copies of the application form, three copies of my current residence permit, three copies of my passport, copies of the residence stamp, a letter from the General Secretary of the Methodist Church in Tanzania, two letters of testimonial from Tanzanian residents, and copies of all my diplomas from the colleges which gave me degrees (McMurry University, California Polytechnic University, and Boston University).  Oh, I also had to have the same number of pages of paperwork for Karen and for John.  When all of this had been assembled and collated, we took it to Immigration here in Bunda to be told it had to go to Musoma tomorrow.  Now, what do we get in return for all this work?  We get to continue to do what we had been doing all along.  It seems that several thousand Kenyans have entered Tanzania illegally, so all residence permits will be declared null and void at the end of this month.  So, every missionary, business man, engineer, student, or other non-Tanzanian has to do all this paperwork by the end of the month.  It seems that all the people who were not bright enough or too rude to work for the DMV in Arkansas or Oklahoma have come here to work for the Ministry of Immigration (or that's how it seems to me, anyhow).  Well, another fun day in Tanzania.  At least we have lights on our tree (see picture at right). 

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