Friday, December 28, 2012

Quote of the Day:   Sometimes, praying is just making contact because God knows our needs--He just needs to hear from us.   Me

Today, an old friend stopped by.  He was our first Swahili teacher and has helped us through countless problems caused by language or not knowing the culture.  We have known him for ten years now.  I gave him the watch on his wrist and the shoes on his feet.  His 16-year-old son was murdered in Musoma by thieves about twelve years ago.  We have helped him in some causes we knew were hopeless, but as a father myself, I know that you just have to help your children--even when you know that their failure is a foregone conclusion.  He has a son who is an alcoholic, and we tried to help him, too, but his personal demons were too strong for us.  Thus, when this old friend asked for money to buy seed corn and rice seed to grow crops for his family, we were more than happy to help out.  By the time the crops come in and are sold, he will have forgotten that he couldn't have purchased the seeds without our help.  He will have done so much work to bring in the crops that he rightly believes it was all his effort that made the difference for his family, and that is as it should be.  That is why sometimes we help without saying anything.  We knew what he needed, and I just pressed the money in his hand and rushed him out the door.  Because of this kind man, I know what it means when I read that God knows my needs before I ask Him.  Sometimes, God lets me think that what I have accomplished is all my doing, but in the end, I know how little I did and how much He did.  Do you?
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