Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quote of the Day:   "Small events and choices determine the direction of our lives just as small helms determine the directions of great ships."-- M. Russell Ballard 

The response to our request for help for the albino children has been amazing and fast.  Thank you so very much.  We cannot have too much of what we requested as there are over 170,000 albinos at risk here in Tanzania and most live in our area.  In fact, the response of folks in the U.S.A. to our mission since its beginning in 2003 has been incredible.  All we have, all we have built, all we have done has been the direct result of help from individuals and small churches, and we couldn't be more grateful.  Be content in knowing that what you have done has enabled a mission ministry to continue and thrive.  Your gifts have gone on giving and will continue to go on giving as long as we are here, and even after we have long gone.  The face of Christianity in East Africa has been changed by young children, old women, and everyone in between.  The senior ladies who made all the dresses for orphans is just one example.  A kindergartner in Jonesboro gave a mosquito net that saved two lives.  How grand is that?  Thank you for having giving hearts and sharing them with us.  God bless you, every one.

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