Friday, December 14, 2012

Quote of the Day:  “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”  ― Dr. Seuss

Bishop Monto came by today for a long meeting.  We are having an all church minister's meeting tomorrow and will ordain a new pastor on Sunday.  Found out that the association of churches in Tanzania took the money we sent for dues and closed our account.  Said they thought we were sending them a donation.  Yes, and the moon is made of cheese.  Immigration wants information on all our staff, so that ordeal is not yet over, but close.  The ministers want me to teach two, three-day workshops over a two-week period in preaching and church leadership which I will happily do.  We just need to raise about $400 to cover the costs, but I'm pretty sure we can do that before the next rainy season.  We also had local officials wanting money to register our pre-school as a primary school but it's a pre-school which doesn't need District registration.  Happily, Bishop Monto works with the pre-school registration ministry for Tanzania, so we will be registered as a pre-school and will be all legal.  Turns out it wasn't Neema's sister's child who died, but her sister's neighbor's five month old baby who died.  Relationships in Swahili are hard to figure out, but the loss remains the same, another baby is dead--from malaria.  I also got a confirming email from the World Center for Mission and Christianity in Boston that I am to be their guest speaker April 11, 2013.  They are excited and I am, too.  I am really looking forward to going back to my alma mater at Boston University.  I spent four very wonderful years there with many wonderful memories.  I was graduated over 20 years ago, so not many people I knew will still be there, but I am still excited about going.  
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