Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quote of the Day:  “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”  ―  Dr. Seuss

The good news is that the puppy is better.  The vet knew immediately what was wrong, gave her a shot and is coming back today to check on her.  She is back to her old tricks today and eating and drinking again which makes us all happy.  Juliana has been especially good and followed her around this morning until she got her to eat an egg--from Juliana's hand.  Since most Tanzanians are deathly afraid of dogs, this is unusual behavior, but all of our staff has taken to the dogs--or they wouldn't still be staff, I suspect.  Tanzanians have no pets.  They have animals to use for food, to sell, and to work, but none just to play with.  The idea of keeping a cat as a pet (here they are all skinny, scavengers) is just not thinkable.  We are lucky to have a vet that even knows about dogs since most vets only take care of large animals. 
This post is late for me because I wanted to wait until I knew something about our immigration status.  This is what I now know.  We don't know anything yet.  It will probably be next Tuesday before we even get everything submitted properly.  It may take months before we get the appropriate documents and stamps processed.  Life in the third world.
Perhaps the best news is that Karen has found a medication available here that truly helps with her fibromyalgia pain and her arthritis pain.  She just takes one pill a day and is basically  pain free for 24 hours.  The pills are very expensive by Tanzanian standards at two dollars a pill, but $60 a month for any medication in the U.S. is pretty cheap and remember we don't have any insurance, either.  Many thanks to our driver and friend, Shaban, for tracking this down for us.

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