Monday, December 3, 2012

Quote of the Day:   “All of Christ's commands are invitations and all of His invitations are commands.” 
― Andy Davis

A long time ago, Simon and Garfunkel wrote a song called "Sounds of Silence."  Well, that's what we hear here.  Here is what we don't hear:  the sounds of an air conditioner or central heater, sirens, traffic noise, horns honking, aircraft of any kind, doors slamming, car alarms going off, gunshots, fireworks, tornado sirens, Christmas music in public, smoke alarms, and doorbells, to name just some.
Here is what we do hear:  the rain, insects, animals, children crying and laughing, occasional conversations, thunder, wind, our dogs barking, choirs rehearsing, preachers exhorting (we live within earshot of three churches which also don't have glass in their windows), wedding celebrations, and the occasional pikipiki (motorbike).  Because we have no glass in our windows, we hear all of these and because of the way sound carries here, we hear them very well.  Of course, at night, we only hear nature.  The people go to bed early at night.  It is very serene.  Few people have ulcers.  We invite you to come listen with us sometime.  We can sleep sixteen with regular toilets and hot showers.  Karibuni or ya'll come on over.

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