Friday, November 30, 2012

Quote of the Day:   "We have learned that suffering is not the worst thing in the world ... disobedience to God is the worst." -- Joseph, an albino from St. Wiggins Academy

John, Shaban, and I went to Lamadi today to check on St. Wiggins Academy and to meet the teacher at the Red Cross that is working with Collins and the albinos.  We also met Joseph, an albino, who is living at St. Wiggins and working with the albino students who come there every afternoon after their own school is done.  On Saturday and Sunday, the albinos come and stay all day at St. Wiggins.  The school and Methodist church there provide a real family for the albino community of children.  St. Wiggins Academy provides special tutoring and counseling for the albinos of the Lamadi (about 30 miles west of Bunda) area.  I met the teacher from the Red Cross and really liked the man.  He is a wonderful advocate for the albinos who are persecuted and killed here.  Even Joseph says he lives in constant fear.  Some people will cut off a hand or a leg of an albino to bring them luck, so even if they are not killed, they are still in danger.  Of course, I couldn't visit St. Wiggins Academy without being in a regular classroom and working with the kids there.  Little Geoffrey (four years old) taught me and the whole class our ABC's today.  Clicking on the picture of me and Joseph at the right will take you to more pictures including one of Geoffrey.  Collins came up with a novel idea to raise money for the school.  Since almost everyone has a cell phone, but only 4% have electricity, the school is selling phone charging in a little kiosk.  You bring your cell phone to them, and for a small fee, they will charge it for you.  A picture of the kiosk is also available by clicking on the picture at the right.  It was a good day but both happy and sad.  Happy because St. Wiggins Academy is working to help the albinos, but sad because the albinos live in fear and are still persecuted.  Please pray for them.

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