Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quote of the Day:  "The sun'll come out tomorrow."  Little Orphan Annie

The kitchen is coming along and should be finished in another week or so having been held up because of the early rainy season.  We still have to do the wiring and put glass in the windows so the rain can't ruin anything, but after that is only painting (after the rains have gone) and many buildings here are never painted.  We'll paint the kitchen of course to match all the other buildings here at Maisha Na Maji with white walls.  We'll paint the metal roof with anti-rust green paint and then cover it with thatch like all the others.  Neema is really excited that she will have a nice, big, new kitchen to work from.   I heard from Michael, the pastor at Magongo, that they have built a new church.  They had started one three years ago, but all their work was destroyed by a bad storm, and they suffered through some low times.  Now, though, they are excited again and building again.  We will go up to see it as soon as the rainy season ends and the roads allow us to pass.  Right now, if a church isn't on a paved road (and there is only one paved road), we can't get to it.  Of course, this is Africa, and this is the way things have been for a long, long time.  They are rebuilding the one main road but not adding any others, so things change but stay the same.
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