Monday, November 12, 2012

Quote of the Day:  "Remodeling never comes in under budget."  Me

We had a budget of $5,000 US to build our new kitchen which, of course, is a very small amount by American standards for what we get, but it takes a lot of supervision and haggling to get the most for your money here.  We are very nearly finished and have spent only $4,500 to date.  We will still need to buy a new cooker (stove) and a few more items, but basically we are bringing it in under budget--which is good because we didn't have any money for over budget.  We are lighting it with solar power, connecting it to the already present grid for the upper half of the mission.  Another of John's good ideas, we are connecting it straight to Tanesco (national energy company) so that when the power is down the generator (which couldn't handle the output) won't have to be used.  We will be painting it ourselves to keep the cost even further down.  You just must click on the picture at right to see what it looks like on the inside.  Remember, we only began this a few weeks ago.  John and Shaban have done a wonderful job from the original drawings to the finished product.  It still needs thatching, but we have to wait for after the rainy season to get the kind of grass that is used here for thatching.  Soon, our fifty orphans and students will be getting their hot meals courtesy of this new kitchen.  Thank you very much, One Book Foundation, for giving us the funds we needed to help so many others here.
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