Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quote of the Day:  “What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.”    - Zelda Fitzgerald

Several years ago, Amy Buckingham led a team that taught a sanitation and hygiene workshop in the little village of Kabasa.  The workshop was held in an old cotton storage building that you had to crawl into and it was very hot.  It was one of the first workshops that had men participating, including the head of the village.  He was very impressed, and we were very impressed with him since he was well-educated and spoke English, French, Swahili, his tribal tongue, and some basic Latin.  He asked Karen and I to come back later and to work with him on improving his village.  We did and have since done another sanitation and hygiene workshop there.  Some of the folks attending the workshop loved the idea that it was Methodists who were teaching it and six months later started the first Methodist church there in the village.  Karen and I continued to work with this wonderful old man named Jacob and agreed to pay for all the cement they would need to build an elementary school if the villagers made the bricks and did the actual building.  Well, the school is finished and having classes now, and the church has its own building which the members erected.  Even more astonishing is that the church has spread to three other villages and is now part of a four-church circuit.  If you read the story about throwing starfish on Sunday, you can see how much a two-day workshop affected the lives of the villagers who attended and many, many more.  The rock thrown into that pond is still making ripples.  Thank you Amy and all those who braved the heat and poor conditions to teach sanitation and hygiene to twenty-five people.  You changed that part of the world for the better.  You are love.

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