Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quote of the Day:   Keep John in your prayers, please.     Me

John got worse during the night and we had to rush him by taxi (our driver is in Dar Es Salaam) to our bush hospital this morning.  He was admitted and has two IV's in him now.  They have ruled out malaria (his record is intact) in spite of all the symptoms because there are no parasites present.  They are testing for typhoid at present.  He will spend the night in the hospital while they try to figure out what is making him so sick.  His spirits are good and he is telling jokes when he can.  We have to take food to him because hospitals here don't supply food.  Half the staff is at the hospital with him.  They all love him.  Our very loyal security guard insists on spending the night on the floor of John's hospital room to keep him safe and so he doesn't have to be alone.  Juliana is taking him his food for tonight and taking a mosquito net with her, too, since the hospital doesn't have one for his room.  The people here have enfolded him in their love like a big blanket.  He has already sent me an email saying how wonderful they are.  Shaban also sent a message saying, "God bless them," referring to our staff.  I have been reminding God that our ministry here is a package deal and we need all three of us to keep it going, so John should get better.  It would be really great if you could add your prayers to Karen's and mine (and our staff's) for John.  Ask for strength for him and for us.  Thank you.
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