Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quote of the Day:  Sometimes education is a teacher sitting on one end of the log and a questioning student sitting on the other end.   Me

This morning I went out and spent some time visiting with the students at the Santa Caryn Academy.  Turns out those little dudes are just two, three, and four years old--one would hardly call them students, more like toddlers.  However, none of these were doing any toddling, they could run and jump and yell--all at the same time.  I lasted about fifteen minutes before I sought the sanctuary of the quiet in Martha's Place.  Neema was there preparing the ujii (porridge) for the morning feeding, so I helped her for a while to make me feel better about my sudden departure from the classroom.  Even though Neema offered me some, I guess I am just not an ujii kind of guy, but boy do those little ones love it.  Sadly, for about half of them, it is the only meal they will have all day.  I don't know what they do on the week-ends, so I'd rather just not think about it.  Yesterday, I was summoned to go to Martha's Place to talk to our scholarship students at the Teachers College.  I had no idea why they wanted to see me, but the upshot is that when they get through with their upcoming exams and the end of the semester break, I will be teaching them English literature beginning with poetry.  They are so earnest and sincere in their wanting to learn and to become part of the conversation of educated people.  I tested their desire with a quick lesson on Wordsworth's quote about the child being the father of the man.  At first, they were completely lost, but as I led them on a quick voyage of discovery, you could see the lights coming on as it hit them.  I knew it was working when one of the women asked why the child wasn't the mother of the woman.  Don't know where this is going, but I am smart enough to walk through the doors God opens and not to wait to be thrown through them.  Keep me in your prayers.
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