Monday, November 19, 2012

Quote of the Day:   “Eat healthily, sleep well, breathe deeply, move harmoniously.” ― Jean-Pierre Barral

     John is improving.  Today was the first day in seven days that he had no fever.  He was able to eat and to keep the food down--another first.  He is sleeping a lot but that is to be expected.  What we didn't expect was that the pretty young nurse from Kenya (speaks English really well) that came three days in a row to give John antibiotic injections would also start sending him romantic texts on his phone.  Maybe one day he will talk about the brush with death that produced his wife, but that's getting ahead of things a bit.  Lusi called to check on him.  No, still no baby.  We are beginning to think that it was a "local" doctor who told her the baby would come in September.  She didn't even look pregnant when she left--she does now, though.  I have been paying her for almost three months and will continue until she can return.  Legally, we only have to pay for two months, but we love her and so we pay and pay her replacement.  As long as we can, we will.  I was able to weigh myself at the hospital the other day and now have lost exactly one hundred pounds in twelve months and weigh about what I did back in 1987.  Still not where I want to be but getting there.  Please keep John and Lusi in your prayers.  We love all of you.
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