Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quote of the Day:  I said it before, "Family is what you make it."    Me

When we first met Howa, a few months ago, she was an orphan with only two grandmothers remaining in her family.  The first grandmother died two months ago and the second one died yesterday, so Howa is officially and completely an orphan now with no living relatives.  This made me sad for a while, but then I remembered that family is what you make it, and Howa is now a part of ours.  We will see that she knows that she is loved and that she is always welcome here.  I think we all need that, and I know many people who have many relatives including both parents who have never felt loved, or appreciated, or welcome.  Jesus said if we would leave our family behind to follow Him, He would see that we were rewarded ten-fold.  Happily, we have not had to leave family (only geographically and in this global internet world, that's not what Jesus was talking about) and instead have found more family everywhere we go.  We would be welcomed as family in several countries scattered far across the globe and that's a good feeling.  The more you are family to others, the more family who claims you as their own.  It's a good thing.  It's a God thing.
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