Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quote of the Day:  Keep praying, please!    Me

I want to thank those praying for Lusi from the bottom of my heart--the baby is in the right position and the doctor said things look okay.  Now, we just wait, so please don't stop praying for her and the baby.  Our internet is still out (seven days now) and while ago they came to get John to see if he could fix things at the phone company where the antenna is located.  Maybe, we will have internet tonight.  Those of you playing Words With Friends with me, please forgive me for taking so long, but it doesn't work very well over my phone internet.  We should be back up and running in no time.  Tomorrow, we start work on the kitchen expansion and Pastor Nyansa is coming over to decide which Evangelists get the new bicycles and which churches will get the new Bibles.  I have also started paying for the ujii (porridge) for the kids at Santa Caryn Pierce Academy since the parents can no longer afford it.  How can I not feed the little ones?  We are also working on a program to teach prostitutes a trade (sewing) at Lamadi where almost half the women are sex workers.  This is in keeping with Wesley's idea that there is no holiness without social holiness.  Don't know if we can make it work, but we are going to try.  Keep us and our projects in your prayers as well.  We depend on your prayers.  You keep us lifted up, like in the song.
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