Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quote of the Day:   The only constant in Africa is constant change.  ― Dr. Dana Robert

We had a package arrive yesterday, and, with a little luck, we will get it tomorrow.  It took almost a month to get here, so another day or two is nothing to get upset about.  There has been a lot of theft from customs and the post office, so there are new rules in place this fall.  Now, the package goes straight to its destination.  Before, it would go to Musoma for customs and then after customs opened it, it would be sent down to Bunda.  With that system, if stuff was missing, Musoma would blame it on Bunda and Bunda would blame it on Musoma and nothing ever got done.  Now, under the new rules, we have to be there when it is opened for the first time in Tanzania with a revenue officer present.  There is only one revenue officer in Bunda, so we have to work around his schedule.  Shaban will track him down first thing tomorrow morning, and we will see how this new system operates.  I suspect there will be less theft but higher fees, but we will have to see.  Nothing stays the same here, so you had better be able to adapt to work here.  We are getting used to the constant change--if you follow that.  It's all about perspective, that's all.
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