Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quote of the Day:  “It's not the camera, it's the person doing the shooting.” ― Me

The new kitchen is having its lintel built today.  The lintel is a continuous layer of reinforced concrete that encircles the entire building thus holding all four walls together.  Well-built houses have three, like ours, but a two-room kitchen only needs one, but without that one, a heavy rain could bring the whole building down.  John went to Musoma yesterday and found a water filter he can attach to the tap and have clean water always available in the kitchen.  He is also planning on installing an electric oven with gas burners on top, so we can cook things to temperature in the oven and still have adjustable gas flames for beans and rice.  It is going to be a really needed addition to our mission and will increase the ease with which we can feed large groups--like the fifty orphans and students we feed everyday.  Shaban thinks the kitchen will be finished in another two weeks which is very, very fast for construction around here, but we will be very happy.  Yesterday (on the blog), I took a picture of an evangelist getting his new bicycle and five Bibles in Swahili and couldn't get him to smile.  Karen took the picture today of the evangelist from Kasaba getting his new bicycle and he is grinning (see picture at right).  Karen said she just asked him if he loved God.  'Nuff said.  Oh, and I bought Howa, the newest member of our family, a new, blue bicycle today.  Good thing we don't live in the States or it might have been a Corvette.
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