Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quote of the Day:  A job well begun is already half done.   Mary Poppins

There is a sound here that is like no other.  It is the sound of a trailer full of rocks and boulders being dumped out of the metal bed and onto the ground.  We haven't heard it in a while, and Karen and I looked at each other and smiled when we heard it today.  It means that the foundation of a new building is beginning.  Our new, expanded kitchen was begun today.  While almost all construction materials have doubled or tripled in price since we got here, we believe we can finish this building under budget by using our own labor for the most part and by using nearby and community supplies which we are getting at a discount.  We are getting them at a discount because the children of the suppliers are going or have gone to Karen's school and to the Santa Caryn Academy that is also located here.  Karen has had over 250 students go through her school and has fifteen there now plus the thirty-five of St. Caryn's and we are schooling and feeding about 50 youngsters every day.  They love it here, and we love having them.  Pictures of our supplies and the first day's work are at the right.  Clicking on the picture at the right will take you to three others, so do take a look.  Again, thanks to the One Book Foundation for making this possible.
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