Monday, October 22, 2012

Quote of the Day:  “Family is what you make it.” ― Me

I don't know quite how it happened, but our family here has grown.  No, Lusi has not had her baby yet.  We are family for Lusi and Juliana and Edina and they feel that way about us.  Of course, we are family for Charlini, whose mother died five days after she was born, since her mother, Graci, was the daughter of Juliana.  Officially, Charlini is an orphan with no parents, but Juliana is her grandmother who is raising her.  We have opened our arms to her as well, paying for all of her special milk for the first two years of her life, paying for her school fees, her school uniforms, her school supplies, and whatever medications and doctor's visits that have been necessary or will be.  She, in turn, loves us, and hugs each of us each night before she leaves and tells us she loves us, in English.  So, I guess it shouldn't come as a big surprise that we have also sort of adopted Howa as well.  Howa is the 20-yr-old orphan who is filling in for Lusi during her maternity leave.  Howa is related to some good friends of Juliana's brother, so sort of family, but has no one to take care of her or care for her.  She dropped out of school after what we would call the tenth grade, so I sort of told her that we would pay for the rest of her high school years (form 3 and form 4) and would then work on getting her into Bunda Teacher's College when she completed that which means that we will or will die trying.  We also told her that she was now officially part of our family, and if she has problems to come to us first.  Maybe we're just suckers for orphans (feeding 250 a month now) or maybe we're just followers of Christ doing what we can to live a way that becomes the gospel.  Maybe both.
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