Monday, October 1, 2012

Quote of the Day:   The Gospel of Christ knows no religion but social; no holiness, but social holiness.” ― John Wesley

Shaban was in a pikipiki (motorbike) accident yesterday.  He is okay, just some minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises.  The other pikipiki rider broke both his legs and went to the hospital.  The other guy was in the wrong and the police took his pikipiki.  When Shaban went to check on the other rider today, he had left the hospital and disappeared.  This is not unusual here.  Even though he was injured and in pain, it was better to run away than to have to pay the fines and damages.  Happily, the damage to our bike was slight, so it won't cost too much.  It was just another reminder that we aren't in Kansas anymore.  People and events are very different here and frequently the people act in ways that we don't expect or understand.  Just yesterday I wrote about "TIA" and it was underlined yet again today.  Still, Collins, the main teacher at St. Wiggins Academy, came by yesterday to get the money to feed the 200 orphans we are both feeding and schooling every month.  Collins has started a church in the school for those so marginalized by Lamadi society that they are turned away from other churches.  Lamadi has a big problem with AIDS because it is a transportation hub.  It is estimated that 90% of the women in Lamadi are HIV positive with many, many active cases of AIDS.  Some of those women are members of the church that Collins started.  Methodism began working with prostitutes in the 1750's and that is still continuing here.  John Wesley himself charged us to take care of those who need us (see above quote) and this little church in Lamadi is doing just that.  Keep them in your prayers for they are what truly defines a "church" as I see it. 
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