Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quote of the Day:  “A baby is God's opinion that life should go on.”  ―  Carl Sandburg

The chief physician for our district stopped by last night to check on me.  He was very pleased with my progress.  He hadn't seen me in a while because he himself had to have surgery in Dar Es Salaam and was out for over a month.  He and I are both much better now.  One of the reasons we wanted him to come by was that Karen wanted to talk to him about her idea for an incubator for newborns (that she has already built--pictures later), especially preemies.  It is very simple, very basic, and easy to construct with local materials.  It is a fold-up, wooden frame with cloth sides and bottom while covered with a mosquito net.  It gets the heat from four jars of hot water that hang in special pockets on the cloth frame which means it needs no electricity and can be used in villages far from power sources.  The doctor was so impressed that he is coming back with the main pediatric nurse for our area to see it and discuss how best to use it.  He said it was a wonderful idea that will save many, many lives.  That's my honey, gets an idea in a dream and ends up saving babies' lives in Africa.  She is such a blessing, that one.
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