Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quote of the Day:  You are only as old as you feel.  Me

It poured down rain today which causes just about everything here to stop, and heavy rain frequently closes roads so you really have to know your way around.  Happily, we were warm and dry with no roof leaks, unlike so many of our neighbors whose houses have thatched roofs with many leaks.  When you consider that they also have dirt floors which become mud, you realize why so much just stops when it rains.  It did not keep Karen from getting her hair done at a new place in Bunda called "Mama Rose" with a woman that Karen really liked.  She will going back once a week or so from now on.  We got a package but were not allowed to open it because the new rules couldn't be figured out by the officials here, so tomorrow, we will take the box and the official to Musoma to meet with his supervisor and get some answers.  The new rules worked well the first time with a different official, but this guy doesn't read English and was just difficult.  Tomorrow, we will get a letter and make copies so that we can show whoever is working how they should do their jobs--TIA.  Neema had to go to the hospital with malaria, but Edina jumped in and cooked for the afternoon students.  Howa, who is filling in while Lusi is on maternity leave, is in Musoma today and tomorrow for her grandmother's funeral.  Her grandmother was in her mid fifties which is just about as long as anyone lives in Tanzania.  There are a few in their sixties, seventies, and eighties, but they are really few and far between.  In almost every one of our churches there is one person over fifty and the rest in their thirties and younger.  Karen and I are in a very visible minority here--especially among the missionaries, but we rejoice in it and thank God for it.  Amen.

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