Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quote of the Day:   “When you're a kid, if you watch 'The Jeffersons' with your family at seven o'clock, it seems like a natural phenomenon, like the sun setting. The universe is a strange, strange place when all of a sudden you can't use your glass with the Bionic Woman on it any more.” ― Heather O'Neill

A kind of routine day today, and in my opinion, routine can be good and comforting.  Amos showed me that the winds during the night had stripped the thatch off of huge sections of the roof over the school, so I gave him the money to buy the grass and string he needs to start rethatching the roof.  We are lucky that Amos is from the Sukuma tribe and learned to thatch when he was a boy.  Shaban and I went into town to find the tailors that can take up my pants, but the tailors were out in a village for a wedding, so we will wait till next week.  Now that I don't need a special chair, we are rebuilding one of the big wooden ones in the style of a recliner.  We have to kind of play it by ear with the carpenter but that what makes living here fun.  Karen had the idea that Lusi's baby might need an incubator, so she is building one from wood and fabric that will use heated water bottles to provide the heat.  She is going to build two of them and donate one to the local hospital.  Edina is gone to take care of her mother, and John has just finished having a handrail put in for Karen and I on the front steps.  Like I said, a routine day.

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