Friday, September 7, 2012

Quote of the Day:   “South Carolina is in the spring a paradise, in the summer a hell, and in the autumn a hospital.” ― Eliza Lucas Pinckney

While only South Carolinians could truly assess the accuracy of the above quote, I do know that some very good things come from South Carolina.  We have had three groups here from South Carolina and another is planned for next year.  Some of the finest Christians I have ever met have come from South Carolina.  They have brought joy and the spirit of love with them when they came.  This area we live in is a much better place thanks to those folks.  In addition, we get goody packages from there with all kinds of lovely stuff in them.  They make sure we are never forgotten.  However, one of the best things here that came from South Carolina is my Presidential Original Pawleys Island hammock.  It's called "Presidential" because that is nicer than saying it is for really fat people.  It has a weight load of 450 pounds so I knew I would be safe in it.  It used to be called a double hammock but that was before two Americans could easily exceed the 450 lb. weight limit.  All I know is that is the most comfortable hammock in the world.  For me, the word "hammock" is a verb.  I "hammock" almost every day. I have had this hammock for six years without any damage, and it has been hanging outside all that time.  That hammock has produced some exceptional sermons, prayers, blogs, and creative ideas for mission.  I don't know if it would have the same effect on you, but I can say that you will have to fight people for time in it--it's that wonderful.  So, to the people who hand-crafted my hammock, thank you very much.  Sometimes, you just can't beat good, old-fashioned, handmade craftsmanship.  Thank you South Carolina for your traveling Christians and your hammocks.
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