Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quote of the Day:   “The only constant in Africa--is constant change.” ― Dr. Dana Robert

There are several pictures for you to look at today, just by clicking on the photo of Karen using the new handrail at right.  Shots of Amos up on the roof thatching, the new puppy, the community well, and John thinking.  When I told my former missions professor I was going to Africa, she told me what you see in the quote above, and she was right.  There is no such thing as regular, seasonal, or normal around here.  Nothing lasts.  My son bought me a nice office chair, but my weight was much more than a typical African so it bit the dust.  Shaban and John are right now working on a new base for it.  Karen is up working on a fold-up incubator for babies from an idea she saw somewhere but can't remember where.  It's a great idea and she is building three: one for Lusi, one for the hospital here in town, and one for the hospital on the way to Kabasa.  I slipped going down the stairs, and Shaban built a new hand-rail.  Thatching lasts for five years unless unseasonal hurricane force winds and rain come and rips it off the roof, like last week.  We are in the middle of the dry season but it is raining every day.  Out of nowhere all foreigners with residence permits have to replace them before December 31st or risk deportation even though ours had years to run.  If you can't be flexible, you can't be a missionary.  We weren't planning on adding a dog, but when you get a chance to get a good puppy, you take it.  However, as it always is, the more things change, the more they stay the same because we came to serve in whatever way we could, and that doesn't change.  God bless everyone who serves others with more thought for them than themselves.
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