Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quote of the Day:  All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.  -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

After five months, we have the air conditioning in the car fixed.  Thanks be to God.  It's not that the heat is unbearable, it's the dust.  We live in a semi-arid climate with lots of wind which makes lots of dust, and while they're working on the main road between Mwanza and Musoma for the next few years, all the diversions (detours) are dirt roads and the buses and trucks stir up clouds of dust--so much that after one trip you need to shower the grit off of you.  Since we have no glass in any of our windows, the winds and dust also mean we have to clean our concrete floors every day and dust everything at least twice a day.  Life is very labor intensive here.  All the clothes have to be hand washed and dried on a line.  Shopping must be done every day.  Buying the rice and beans is just half of getting it ready--they have to be cleaned outdoors and then washed.  The dishes have to be washed in filtered water and rinsed in hot water with bleach--again by hand.  The grass is mowed by machete and not a riding Toro.  Happily, there are lots of people who want and need the work, and it is relatively cheap to pay them.  They love working for us because we pay so well and pay Social Security for them as well as helping them with school fees for their children and paying for their medical needs.  We take good care of them and they take good care of us.  All but two of them have worked for us for seven years or more, so when vacancies arise, there is a waiting line of folks who want to work here.  If it wasn't for the malaria, lack of decent medical facilities, and poor roads, this would be a retirement haven.  It is for us.  Karibuni!  Welcome, ya'll!
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