Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quote of the Day: “It is possible that a miracle is not something that happened to you, but rather something that didn’t. ” ― Jodi Picoult

Interesting day.  We made it to Musoma, but they are working on the road, and what was once a one hour trip is now two hours with much dust and bouncing around.  Still, John had some students waiting for him.  They are in university programs but were on summer break and needed John to help them make sense of what they had learned--of course, John added more.  Went by the Coptic Hospital where my improvement with my diabetes and blood pressure made the doctors very happy.  They hadn't seen me in six months and were very happy with my weight loss.  I have officially lost 26 kilos (65 pounds) and am still losing very slowly.  They think if I lose another 25 pounds, we will need to put me on a maintenance diet.  Fine with me.  The big story and the reason for the quote above was my visit to the bank.  Most of it went routinely, I met the new manager, got my new ATM card, and cashed a check.  As it happens, the new medications I am on make me a little dizzy if I stand up too quickly which is what I did after I got the cash from the manager.  I lost my balance and fell through a glass wall breaking it into hundreds of little knives and a few very big ones.  I fell on my back and could see the glass shards coming down.  When it was all over, I stood up and could see a silhouette of my body in the broken glass, yet I did not have a single cut.  No one could believe it, but every one in the bank saw and heard it.  I am now very sore from the fall but otherwise unhurt.  It was a "something that didn't happen" miracle.  God must need more work done--and I'm to do it.
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