Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quote of the Day:   Don't try to be different.  Just be good.  To be good is different enough.  ~ Arthur Freed

Hooray!  Edina is back today and feeling good.  We have (not necessarily by design) surrounded ourselves with good people.  All of our workers except one has been with us or known us for seven years or more (Shaban goes back to 2003).  We've had a few bad ones, but they didn't stay long.  Two security guards had to go (drinking and theft) and two or three people who were helping Edina (the men couldn't take orders from a woman and the one girl was just lazy), but now we have a good and complete crew.  These are people who are more like family than workers.  When I was really sick one day, I looked up and through a malarial haze saw three of our workers on their knees praying for me--for over ten minutes.  Each one greets us each day when they come and wishes us a good night and God's blessing when they leave.  We do miss Lusi, though.  Howa is the young girl filling in for Lusi, and, while she is very nice and competent, she is so afraid of doing something wrong that she waits for you to explain exactly what you want before she will do it--easier to do it yourself most of the time.  Still, it's only for a couple of months.  We treat all of our workers the way we would want to be treated, and they love it.  We give them time off for almost any reason, pay their children's school fees, give them money to take to neighbor's funerals, and this is over and above paying them five times the average wage--plus we pay all of their social security.  But they aren't nice to us because of the money, it's because they are good people.  May God surround you with good people.  It makes all the difference in the world.
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