Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quote of the Day:  “Sometimes you just have to do what the doctor tells you to do.” ― Me

My doctor came back from Dar Es Salaam today after dealing with the death of his younger brother there.  He had good news about my diabetes--if the blood test readings remain constant for the next week, he will take me off of all my diabetes medication.  Of course, I cannot go back to my old diet because I have to maintain my weight loss and keep my sugar intake way down, but the diabetes medication makes me sick, so I am happy about this one.  The prostate problem is another matter.  He is coming back later tonight to try to adjust the one I have now, and if he fails, it's back to the bush hospital to have another one installed (ugh).  Next week, we (he and I) will be going to Mwanza to the Catholic hospital of Bugando for a special test to see if I will still need surgery and which kind of surgery will be best (if I still need it).  I need some prayers because I am not looking forward to more surgery, as if anyone really does.  Still, I was able to give him a new tablet computer and he was thrilled.  He told me I was not just helping him but a hundred other patients as well.  With this tablet and his cell phone, he can access the internet from anywhere, even remote villages (as long as they get cell service).  I was glad to help him and need to get a couple more for when my son comes next February.  Bit by bit we are changing this area of Tanzania for the better.  That makes us all happy.

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