Monday, August 6, 2012

Quote of the Day:   “The teacher gives not of her wisdom, but rather of her faith and lovingness” - Kahlil Gibran

When the town of Bunda gave the Methodist church the land on which it now sits, it was with the stipulation that there be a school there as well as a church.  Now, we have two schools here because today the Santa Caryn Academy began its classes here at Maisha Na Maji (the name of our mission which means "living water").  The church just did not have the facilities that we did or a proper classroom, so we have two schools here: Santa Caryn Academy in the morning and Elihu Ni Uhuru (education is freedom) in the afternoon.  We feed all of them and so are feeding about 55 students every day--ujii in the morning (a kind of porridge served hot) and rice and beans for the afternoon.  It is taxing for our little kitchen, but we hope to begin to build a new, larger one very soon.  The preschool kids in the morning wear the uniforms that my wife, Karen, designed and made the hats for both boys and girls (about 30 kids).  The afternoon classes which are just for the initial teaching of English has about 25 students all around third grade level, and they wear the uniforms for their morning government school.  We have posted pictures of them before, but today, John took some pictures of the new St. Caryn kids which you can see by clicking on the picture at right and I hope you do.  They are just so cute you want to hug and kiss every one of them.  What a joy to be able to provide good Christian teachers and a good Christian atmosphere for these kids who are so much like little sponges soaking up every drop of learning that they can.  A huge thank you to all who helped us finance the building of the school and the continuing support of the afternoon school.  The Elihu Ni Uhuru operation needs just about $300 a month to operate and one individual got us started and now the support is coming from the One Book Foundation which I created over ten years ago and operates out of Sequoyah United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Santa Caryn has no current or continuing sponsors other than Karen and I and so we would welcome any support any one would like to give.  If you give it through the One Book Foundation, it is tax deductible and we will thank you and pray for you, and the kids will love you, and God will bless you.  Hard to beat that, eh?
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