Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quote of the Day:    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.  ~Ben Williams

We have not ever planned to have a dog here, but we now have four.  Our first two dogs came to be ours in 2006 when two Swiss missionaries were headed home for good and wanted their dogs to have a good home.  They actually came here to the mission to see if we would be acceptable masters for their dogs who were African mutts.  Convinced that we would provide a good home, they brought us Socki and Flappy who were trained watch dogs.  Watch dogs not guard dogs--these dogs bark at strangers but lick you if you come inside the fence.  Flappy was ten years old when we got her, and Socki was just three.  Flappy passed away three years later, but Socki, at nine years old, is still going strong.  Then some American missionaries went back home for good, but they had just gotten a pedigreed German Shepherd puppy in Nairobi.  We happily took the three-month-old puppy from them and that was about five years ago.  For a year or two, we had three dogs.  Then Flappy passed away.  About a year later, some missionary friends here had puppies that were a Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, and we bought one for John to raise.  Her name is Hilde, and she is now almost three years old.  We got an email the other day that some Australian missionary friends, the Vinks, had had puppies and were giving them away.  Of course, they posted pictures and John saw them.  Apparently, John is the designated puppy raiser for our mission, so we called and said we'd take one.  John picked her up today.  She will spend the first two months of her life here living with him out in his school.  As of today, her name is Zoe.  She is a mutt but at least half German Shephard so should fit right in.  If you follow John on Google+ (he's not on Facebook anymore), you will see many pictures of Zoe as she grows.  The other dogs train the new ones to guard and in about six months, Zoe will have a full-time job every night.  It's never boring here. 
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