Monday, August 13, 2012

Quote of the Day:   ”If you keep saying things are going to be bad, you have a chance of being a prophet.” - Isaac B. Singer

Bad things will always happen.  My cousin, Sharon, just had a knee replacement and then broke that leg just yesterday.  My mother is in a nursing home.  My good friend, Pete, just had a bus slam into the van he uses to transport his orphans (no one was hurt).  My wife and I both have health issues, but life goes on.  A man came out of the blue today to buy a biosand filter for his village, so another thirty people will have clean, safe drinking water.  About thirty kids come and play soccer every afternoon on the field my son, John, built for them.  A new church just finished putting on its new roof right before an unseasonal heavy rain came that would have torn the building down had the roof not been in place.  Even though we live in the bush in East Africa, we got to see more of the Olympics than most who live in America because we had four channels, twenty-four hours a day, dedicated to the Olympics, and we got to see every sport (even the ones that are hardly sport like synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics--I'll hear about this, I'm sure).  The point is that there are always bad things happening, but they are always offset by good things happening.  The day my friend, Shaban, lost his closest friend--that day my only grandson was born, a healthy, happy little boy.  Life is life.  What you do with it is what defines you and becomes inspirational to those around you, many of whom who see you as a role model.  You give your whole heart to God, and He will wrap His arms around you so that you can see all the good past all the bad.  For me, the glass is not just half full, but there is more coming any minute.
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