Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quote of the Day:   If we have the opportunity to be generous with our hearts, ourselves, we have no idea of the depth and breadth of love's reach. - Margaret Cho

I don't know about you, but sometimes my days don't work out very well.  It always seems to be a host of little things: a misplaced brush, a pen that runs out of ink, leftovers eaten by someone else, the phone battery running out, and well, you can fill in the blanks.  Why I let these things get to me, I don't know, but they do.  I try to stay cool and collected but an article in the news can upset me for a whole day.  I need to be more tranquil, to calm down, to be quiet enough to hear God as He speaks to me.  Today was one of those days.  I was not a nice person to be around.  The ladies, Juliana  and Lusi, were staying out of my way.  Even the dogs were wary of me--and rightly so.  Every time something went wrong, I first blamed myself and then looked for someone else to blame.  Things were getting a little testy when little Charlini came in to say good-bye and added, in English, "I love you."  I just melted.  The power of an innocent child's declaration of love for this old man was, to use an over-used word, just awesome.  Thank you, Charlini, for reminding me of what is truly important in life.  I pray that each of you has a Charlini in your life to nudge you back into the wonderful world the Lord made for us.
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