Monday, August 20, 2012

Quote of the Day:   Happiness is like a butterfly.  The more you chase it, the more it eludes you.  But if you turn your attention to other things,  It comes and sits softly on your shoulder. - Henry David Thoreau

It has now been over nine weeks since my external plumbing was put in place, and I am tired of it.  However, the doctor is coming tomorrow morning to see if I can live without if for a day, and if a day, two days, and if two days, a week--and so on.  Also, a doctor in Musoma has found medication only available in Kenya which is like some U.S. medication, and tomorrow, I may get to start on that.  In the meantime, my diabetes is under control and I no longer have to take medication for it.  Getting my diabetes under control, with the weight loss that accompanied it (plus change of diet), and the location of the new medication probably means the end is in sight and things should just get better from here.  I read this morning of the suicide of a man I once met, the brother of a man I know, and it saddened me terribly.  I don't know what the situation was and may never know.  What I do know, is that I no longer chase that "happiness butterfly" but wait for it to land on my shoulder while I tend to the things over which I do have control.  I'm sure there's a sermon there somewhere.
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