Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quote of the Day:   A grandson is a gift to my heart, a friend to my spirit, a golden thread running through our family.  ~ Me

The big news is the birth yesterday of our grandson, David Keith Wiggins.  He entered our world at the Willow Creek Women's Hospital in Johnson, Arkansas (near Springdale where his parents live).  He is a good-sized strapping young lad at six pounds fifteen ounces--just a biscuit short of seven pounds.  At twenty inches long, he's tall, too.  He is the only male Wiggins of his generation as yet, and we are very happy to have him as an addition to our family.  His mother, Adriel Wiggins, is doing well and very happy.  His father, my youngest son, Keith, is also very, very happy.  Their family is now five as David joins his older sisters, Laura Grace, and Karen Joyce.  I never had a big sister and he gets two of them!  Keith and Adriel have already demonstrated how great they are at parenting and David will benefit from having such good parents.  Although we are far away, David has maternal grandparents right there who will spoil him for us, I am sure.  We are so happy.  Karen just looks at his picture all day long.  God is good--all the time.
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